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“Take care of the children with warm, radiant love and they can do incredible things.”

/E. Fromm/

My kindergarten teacher’s warm personality and devotion to children had such an overwhelming influence on me when I was a child, that made me follow her and devote my life to this beautiful profession.

Those magical years of early childhood and its exceptional significance regarding personal development has always amazed me and when it came to choosing profession, faculty of kindergarten education was an obvious decision. The experiences children have during these sensitive years have a very profound impact on them. I do believe in the personal developmental power of play and joyful interaction while also convinced that personal development can be fostered with varied tools and methods, even their talent can be revealed in a natural and spontaneous way.

After graduating as kindergarten teacher specialised in German language, started to work in a German nationality kindergarten in Budapest. My experience was that early childhood is an extremely sensitive and valuable period concerning learning foreign languages that results in self-confidence in language usage and also provides a solid basis to build on in the future.

It was in 1998 when the time came to follow my dream of founding a bilingual kindergarten in 16th district, realising the capacity problems kindergartens faced due to higher birth-rate. The bilingual program was implemented in small groups, utilising modern developmental tools and methods providing bilingual environment for the children.

A long time has passed since then, and there is no doubt that Brumi became an integrated part of me. I am very proud of my colleagues adoring kids and being devoted to their profession – they ensure the exceptional level of professional work and the cosy atmosphere with their personality and competences. Continuous education, training, knowledge sharing, self-development is highly encouraged within Brumi.

 Besides the bilingual education, other methods are integrated into our program such as Chess playground program or Movement note.

I hope that our devotion to children and commitment to professional guidelines would win those parents’ and kids’ trust who visit Brumi for the first time and when looking back to their years spent with us would recall such lovely and pleasant memories like our former students do.

I am pleased to welcome you at Brumi!

Mészáros Ibolya

About Us

"Amikor kellett, támogattatok, amikor a nevelésben elbizonytalanodtunk, segítettetek. Timi Néni, Ancsa Néni, Ildikó Néni, Zsuzsa Néni, Ibolya Néni- a családunk részévé váltatok az elmúlt 6 évben. Nagyon szeretünk titeket."


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1165 BUDAPEST, EMMA U. 18.

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1165 BUDAPEST, EMMA U. 18.