Our mission

Every child is an individual, they are different, unique just as we adults are. Differentiated development matching the child’s own pace of development, respect, and acceptance provide us the solid foundation we have built over the past 20 years on.

The caring, family atmosphere of our kindergarten, the close cooperation with the parents and the practical usage of modern skill development methods in pedagogy can only be reached with our highly qualified, child-centric staff.

 The pillars of values in Brumi Kindergarten: acceptance, encouragement, respect and support. We do believe that both children, who we take care of day by day and their parents are entitled to these values. Our kindergarten teachers are open-minded and available to parents any time to discuss educational matters, personal development or talent support at an early age.

 Teachers and parents are working closely together and they gently follow and form the development of each child attending our kindergarten.

 From the point of harmonious education of a child, it is crucial that parents who choose our kindergarten are aware of and share our educational and pedagogical principals.

Parents know their child the best, they are its first and at the same time it’s most determinative, significant teacher.

The close cooperation of teachers and parents has a positive impact on the child’s development. It is important that the values and rules of the families and the kindergarten complete each other and create a caring atmosphere, where children feel safe and have the opportunity to live a balanced and happy everyday life.

 We are proud that over the past two decades many families have welcomed us and entrusted us with the education of their younger child as well, after their positive experiences in case of their first child.

 Our goal is to create a safe, family-centric atmosphere in our institute, where along rational, reasonable rules the personality of the children can develop freely, develop their talent and creativity and their problem-solving skill and autonomy. The aim is that due to their useful and joyful experiences in the kindergarten, they become open-minded, cooperative, well-prepared and happy students by the end of their preschool age.

Rólunk mondták

"Amikor kellett, támogattatok, amikor a nevelésben elbizonytalanodtunk, segítettetek. Timi Néni, Ancsa Néni, Ildikó Néni, Zsuzsa Néni, Ibolya Néni- a családunk részévé váltatok az elmúlt 6 évben. Nagyon szeretünk titeket."


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1165 BUDAPEST, EMMA U. 18.

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1165 BUDAPEST, EMMA U. 18.