Preparation for school

We believe it is very important for our children to trust their maturity and abilities and feel being well-prepared for school.

Due to the latest pedagogical development methods and the wide range of games and joyful programmes, we ensure that children have the appropriate skills of their age group by the end of their preschool years.

 Children over the age of five take part in a school preparatory class. During the courses we conduct a school maturity test and give a feedback to parents about their child’s schooling.

 School Preparation Class after the last year of kindergarten: children who do not go to school prompt after the last year of kindergarten, can get an intensive, focussed development in the school preparation group. Instead of doing school tasks we develop skills children need to enter the school easily and self-confidently.

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"Amikor kellett, támogattatok, amikor a nevelésben elbizonytalanodtunk, segítettetek. Timi Néni, Ancsa Néni, Ildikó Néni, Zsuzsa Néni, Ibolya Néni- a családunk részévé váltatok az elmúlt 6 évben. Nagyon szeretünk titeket."


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1165 BUDAPEST, EMMA U. 18.

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1165 BUDAPEST, EMMA U. 18.