Chess playground program

We are proud that in May 2017 our kindergarten was the first to receive the title of ‘Chess Playground Special Reference Kindergarten’ from Judit Polgár.

We were entitled to this honour by being an active participant in the launch of the program since March 2014. We tested the program in our groups and enriched it with our experience and ideas.

Chess Playground Program has been an integral part of pedagogical work in our kindergarten since 2014.

Our kindergarten teachers are happy to use the program, because on one hand the colourful fairy tale world children enjoy and live together with the characters of the chess palace. Chess playground is very motivating and on the other hand they are enchanted by the colourful supplementary tools.

Children experience the activities as a great, endless, euphoric game. It is interesting to mention that even children whose attention is difficult to influence and keep, are also able to concentrate on the games longer.

The program is primarily used to prepare 5 or 6-year-old children for school. Based on our experience, the program contributes significantly to the smooth transition between kindergarten and school. Children participating in the program will be given a way of thinking and approach that will accompany them throughout their lives.

The Chess Playground program fits our goals perfectly, namely to provide high-quality, useful activities for children in our kindergarten.

Chess Playground

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