Our pedagogical program

Nowadays the importance of high-level knowledge of English is inevitable. There is an English-Hungarian bilingual education in each group in Brumi Kindergarten: two Hungarian kindergarten teacher and one communicating only in English support the development of the children’s language skills.  

The English one communicates exclusively in English and holds daily English courses aligned with the Hungarian educational programme followed by the Hungarian kindergarten teachers. In everyday life with joyful playing and the time spent together in the kindergarten, the English language skills of the children develop naturally. Our aim is that by the end of the preschool age children communicate actively with the vocabulary learned in Brumi kindergarten.

 At an early age the primary activity is play. The first learning experiences must be embedded into playing. During this activity the child learns unconsciously, processes experience, reveals and lives emotions and gets to know the world empirically.

The second most natural activity of children at this age is the movement. It has got a significant role in their life: it has a huge impact on their growth, physical and mental health and psychical development.

The complete infrastructure of the kindergarten with a well-equipped gym, a section room and a spacious garden provide an optimal environment for the most natural need, the movement.

Besides playing and regular activities there is a strong focus on Hungarian mother tongue education.

Our everyday life is pervaded with the world of tales.

The development of the mother tongue has an important role in our pedagogical programme: we do it with poetry, storytelling, singing connected to annual celebrations.

 Getting familiar with the Hungarian folk traditions get also high focus in our programme: we introduce children folk music and dance, various crafts and techniques.

 In addition to group activities, we develop the skills of children differentiated, with playful teaching and with meeting their personal interests.

Rólunk mondták

Én azért szerettem a Brumi Ovit, mert a gyerekek mindig kedvesek voltak hozzám, úgy mint az óvó nénik. És az óvó nénik mindig megnevettettek engem. Nagyon jó volt járni a judo-ra, balettra, jógára és a sakkra, és nagyon sok helyre vittek el minket, hogy mi jól érezzük magunkat.


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